Community Based Organisation

Donate to those who are in need of humanity care  

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The main objectives of our organisation is to provide differnts services in our community such as

  • To fight against HIV/AIDS by educating the community in our society.
  •  Reduction of stigma and discrimination in our communities.
  • To provide psychological help to the people living with HIV and AIDS patients.
  • To take care of orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS and those who live in risky environment/condition.
  • To conserve the environment and preventing all kinds of environmental pollution in our communities by educating people.
  • To discover and improve the talents of youths through conducting festivals competition concerning sports, arts and games in our organization.

         -To creat the  employment opportunity to youth sthrough sports  initiatives,art,drumer and vocational traings

      -Also we provide meals,clothing,soaps,gelly,pens and exercise book