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  • The priority of VH-LAHA interventions for youth include the expansion of youth friendly services, implementation of youth focused promotion activities such as  drugs abuse preventions for youth, sports, arts and gameinitiatives  for behavior change and creation of employement opportunity. We  have decided to provide community with education especially for the youth in and out of school since we know that if youths will be healthily we shall build a strong and developed nation, we are promoting and developing knowledge, skills and talents that can assist themselves to earn income so they can not engage themselves in a use of drugs abuse &commercial sex(prostitution)also we have good collaborative partnership with government and non-government  institutions dealing with HIV/AIDS, youth, children, orphans and vulnerable people in our community those are (KAHAMA GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL,SHIDEPHA+, FHI CBO’S coordinators who are Mama Shata, Dr Mlei,Kahama forum for civil  societies.


HIV and AIDS is a major heath problem globally. In 2004, it was estimate that about 40 million people were living with HIV and AIDS worldwide sub-Sahara Africa is the world’s most severely affected region, with only 10% of the World  population it harbours about two third of the global total number of people living with HIV and AIDS. One in 12 adults in this region is reported to be infected with HIV, particularly in our district (KAHAMA) due to the fact that Kahama District has passed with high way Road connection East and Central Countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi so there is an interaction of people with different race, tribe, tradition, customs and behavior which may promote rapid spread of new HIV/AIDS infection.

     Apart from that in KAHAMA we have two mining sites that are Bulyanhulu in Kakola and Barrick Buzwagi which compose people of different kind hence enhancing spread of HIV/AIDS.In that matter we need support of every kind in order to prevent further HIV/AIDS infection.

    We appreciate the work of HIV /AIDS CBO’S COORDINATORS whose are MAMA SHATA and DR MLEI from KAHAMA GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL for the good corporation.