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Donate to those who are in need of humanity care  

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                                            HOME BASIC CARE
In our community people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans do not get the basic needs and humanity care becase they not able to find these services because their health is week.
They lack essential needs like meals,clothing,education,medical and psychological support.
According to the lack of these services to these people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans they feel badly and they fell as they have been discriminated by their own community and their government as results of the following problems which is common in our community
  • Social conflicts
  • Disunity
  • Stgima
  • poor production of nation
  • Early and frequently death
  • provision of education
  • provision of meals,clothing and medical
  • provision of psychological support
  • provision of school items to orphans

    Our main aim is to assist the community of Kahama which  is the one of the leading district inTanzania for HIV/AIDS transimission because is a district which has a high interaction of many people from in and out of the country due to the pre sence of two larage Mining industries(Buzwagi and Bulyanhulu Golg mining) and also is a dry port of east africa country
    HOME BASIC CARE  is  a project started in 2009 in Kahama township and it     has brought a good impactcts in our community
Now we are seeking a any donor,sponsors or volunteers to support this project so that we can operate allover Kahama District
Example of some impacts  has brought by this project in our community are
  • People have educated about HIV/AIDS
  • Love has increased
  • Increase of life span
  • decrease of stigma and social disctrimination
  • Incease of production
NB,please support this work to serve the lives of PLHAs and orphans